Salsa Iceland presents:                Midnight Sun Salsa 

Midnight Sun 2020 goes to Croatia:


Midnight Sun Salsa is a series of events hosted and produced by the SalsaIceland family in Reykjavík, Iceland. SalsaIceland embraces and hosts the latin dance community in Reykjavík.

A unique experience

The Midnight Sun events are small in scale and personal, rich in flavor, of high quality and different every time. They will be the perfect combination of passion, dance, travel and relaxation. The dates and themes of the Midnight Sun events will differ - the high quality and uniqueness, will not. We can't wait to meet you!

We kicked off in May 2017, hosting the Nordic Salsa Championships, the Nordic Stargates, in cooperation with the Berlin SalsaCongress. . The event was the first salsa/bachata congress held in Iceland, and you can check it in the video featured above. 


In 2018 we hosted an incredible lineup of friends and artists at the next Midnight Sun Event: Midnight Sun Cuba, featuring the amazing Osbanis, Anneta and friends

June 1st-4th 2018


For the Mambo version of Midnight Sun: Midnight Sun Mambo, there really was only one option: we hosted the Prince of Mambo, the master himself, Mr. Adolfo Indacochea and Lady elegance, Lorenita Andrade. 


Next up: Midnight Sun on tour to Cuba, accompanied by Osbanis and Anneta "Deakocan", February 2019.